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    Race Car Driver Cooling System

    AlphaCooler is a mini cooling system

    Say goodbye to the extreme heat while racing with AlphaCooler

    Keeping your body cool when driving your race car is as important as keeping your mind calm. To keep you cool while you’re on the hot wheels, Alpha Cooler proves to be a revolutionary product. Designed for core cooling, this mini-cooling system can cool you up to 20 degrees. It uses a liquid chiller, which is a mix of glycol and water. It reaches your body through the tubes. The cooling is secured by the contact between your body and the tubes. Various tests have proved that AlphaCooler takes just 6 minutes to cool down 26-degree water to four degrees. So, if you want an effective cooling system for you, you can definitely count on AlphaCooler.

    Easy to use AlphaCooler : NO ICE


    AlphaCooler frees users from the hassle of carrying ice wherever they go to keep their cooling units chilled. This innovative personal cooling system utilizes a combination of water and glycol for circulatory cooling, which makes it easier to use. Since, the system does not use ice, you can take the unit wherever you go. Also, the circulatory cooling mechanism offer consistent performance as long as you use unlike those traditional Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation (RICE) methods. So, for a hassle-free, convenient, and efficient personal cooling solution, bring home AlphaCooler.

    Drop AlphaCooler anywhere: it is 14.9 lbs(6.8Kg) and Size like a shoe box

    Gone are the days when compressors meant large units that were heavy and space-consuming as well. Hence, ‘they go where you go’ was a challenge. To put an end to such portability issues, RIGID came up with AlphaCooler- a mini cooling solution for personal use. It is just 14.9 lbs (6.8Kg) and size like a shoe box. So you can carry it anywhere you go without looking for a helping hand. Whether you drop it in your car or carry it in your hand, you won’t feel burdensome or face any portability issues. With AlphaCooler, space, weight and portability are no more concerns for the users

    No need to pit stops: AlphaCooler works continnously 24/7

    AlphaCooler works continuously 24/7. How? Since it doesn’t use ice but a combination of water and glycol for cooling, there’s no time limits with AlphaCooler. It can operate on DC power, battery, car power, an electrical or a solar outlet. Hence, it is able to work continuously for 24*7 without a drop. Also, it is efficient enough and takes 6 minutes to chill down 26 degree Celsius of 250 ml to 4 degree Celsius. So, it won’t be unfair to say that AlphaCooler will continue to perform competently and offer continuous cooling for hours on the race track.

  • AlphaCooler is an off-the-shelf product.

    Now stay chilled in and out with the revolutionary mini cooling system! Don’t let heat and sweat distract you from winning on the track. With the AlphaCooler mini driver cooling system, you can now keep your bodies cool in the driver cabin during an extended period.

    Undeniably, the need for personal cooling in the car racing industry could not be overlooked. Despite extreme temperatures that can hike up to 60 degrees Celsius (140°F), the race car drivers have to operate precisely on the race track. To keep them moving in such critical conditions, AlphaCooler has emerged as a real savior for the drivers. The best aspect of this ultra-tech innovative cooling system is its compact size and portability, which enables a driver to carry it along without any efforts. Above all, AlphaCooler is an off-the-shelf product.

    What makes AlphaColler Better than Conventional cooling solutions?

    The need for personal cooling solutions isn’t any new. People have been working in places with high-temperature conditions for years. The early cooling solutions comprise compressors that were too big and heavy to be carried or used. Also, one had to add water and ice after every 1-3 hours to keep the compressors cool. As such, using them as personal cooling solutions never seemed to be apt. Moreover, these conventional compressors were too noisy to be tolerated for long.

    As a solution to all these issues, RIGID succeeded in releasing this revolutionary product after years of ground-breaking research. AlphaCooler is ideally a liquid chiller solution designed for core cooling. Unlike conventional compressors, it comes with a 40 dB (A) noise level which is quite satisfactory. Moreover, this product does not need you to use ice for fueling its cooling mechanism. Instead, it uses a liquid cooler for effective cooling.

    The best thing about AlphaCooler is that it is plug and play system, which frees a user from the hassle of configuring it before using. It has a control panel which gives complete control in the hands of the user. As such, the users can set the temperature as per their comfort, which wasn’t the case with the older compressors. Its easy-to-use user interface is an added advantage.

    Don’t sweat out while chasing your dream of winning your favorite race! Keep your focus and stay cool with our breakthrough product. For your requirements, contact us today!

    AlphaCooler - How Does It Work?

    There’s a reason we have been using the term “revolutionary’ for AlphaCooler. It is one of its kind regardless of its application. From commercial to personal cooling requirements, anybody can use AlphaCooler.

    If you are using it as a personal cooling system, you will need to wear it as a “jacket”. This unique cooling formula is embedded in a clothing item, often similar to the racing jackets, car racers usually wear. The cloth item holds the tubing required to cool down your body temperature. Further, since the manufacturers have carefully chosen the clothing material to make the entire unit light, you don’t need to worry about wearing it. You can move around freely and you won’t feel any discomfort.

    As told, AlphaCooler uses a chilled fluid that pumps through a heat-transfer garment lined with a network of tubing This tubing is typically made from polyvinyl chloride. It transfers metabolic heat to the circulating liquid, which is pumped back to a cooling unit where it rejects the heat. Since this system works on the principles of conduction for heat transfer, wearable cloth item should snugly fit snugly increase the skin-to-tubing contact area.

    So, if you are looking for a cooling solution that offers outstanding performance, AlphaCooler is the right option for you. Compact, long-lasting, affordable and efficient - you must not miss the chance to try it once! For more details, get in touch with us right away!

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