Miniature DC Compressor Cooling System – Active Thermal Management

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    The racing cooler can run on 12V & 24V DC power supply, as well as AC 110V. The cooler kit adopts variable speed inverter compressors, with the adjustable speed at 1,500 ~ 6,500 rpm. With its outstanding cooling performance, it is perfect for a large number of markets including military, medical, motorcycle, and racing.

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    The AlphaCooler, of course, is compact, lightweight, and doesn’t stay frozen forever, but it will be a welcome relief while you’re wearing the vest. If you have access to a freezer, you can always drop it back in to get its chill back.

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    Medical & Aesthetic

    RIGID's patented AlphaCooler provides extended cooling for medical transport to meet the needs of our customers. Mobile healthcare professionals must be able to transport blood, specimens, organs, and other biohazardous materials safely and in accordance with industry best practices. RIGID offers a wide range of solutions to ensure the safe transport of sensitive materials between patients, healthcare facilities, and various points of care.

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    Personal Cooling

    RIGID compact cooler provides faster, deeper-penetrating, and longer-lasting liquid cooling compared to traditional Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation (RICE) methods and other devices. It is certified as more effective cooling than other methods.

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    Like the Personal Cooling solutions, RIGID Technology patented personal heating technology employs custom-designed components in a single, small package. Our heating system is the smallest, lightest, and most energy-efficient solution available and applies to a large number of markets including military, diving, and racing.

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    Surgery Recovery

    RIGID compact cooler can help reduce the use of opioid medications, decrease pain and swelling, increase post-operative range of motion, and increase satisfaction with the recovery process. RIGID small chiller is able to integrate with medical cooling devices for recovery after injury or surgery.

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  • RIGID - Cooling Specialist


    RIGID is a company that specialized in manufacturing, marketing, research & development of microclimate cooling systems and provides small cooling solutions for extremely hot environments and confined spaces. We specialize in and focus on Mini Compressor, Compact Liquid Chillers, and Micro DC Aircon. The small cooling systems are well suited for a variety of applications like a laser, racing, plants, body cooling, medical & aesthetic, and other small cooling needs. The qualification of products has met the technical and quality standards of Germany, the U.S., Italy, and Asian countries.


    RIGID Technology miniature DC variable speed rotary compressors offer the market a compact and active small cooling option for your compact cooling requirements. The RIGID family of DC compact personal cooling systems can be powered directly by 12V, 24V, and 48VDC voltages. Apply to a wide range of applications like automobile, racing, driver, medical, electronic, etc. RIGID offers a complete dc cooling line for DC voltages from 12 to AC voltages 240 volts with cooling capacities between 100 to 6,000 BTU/HR.


    If a change in physical dimensions, temperature requirements, etc. is required for your application, RIGID specializes in volume manufacturing of refrigeration systems tailored to your application. Feel free to contact ann@rigidhvac.com about your requirements, we will get back to you in 12hrs.