• AlphaCooler

    AlphaCooler is a light-and-lively mini cooling system. Less Weight. More Power. Minimal footprint with extraordinary cooling capacity. This compact cooler is a commercial off-the-shelf product. No Maintenance. No Ice. No Hassel. It can provide 24/7 continuous cooling in a hot environment. It's especially used to increase personal effectiveness in hot weather conditions or while using thicker protective equipment, markets include hospital, medical, military, firefighters, outdoor workers, 1st responders, and racing...

  • AlphaCooler

    Compact, Light, Rugged Personal Cooling System for Body Core Cooling

    Body Core Cooling - Alphacooler


    Effectively and efficiently maintaining core body temperature during strenuous activities in the harshest environments.

    Personal Cooling System - alphacooler


    The philosophy of RIGID is to develop unique, high added value and top quality products with an impressive design.

    OEM & ODM

    Providing cutting edge thermal management solutions and practical designs to meet client's specific needs.

  • RIGID Technology Provides Unparalleled Thermal Management Products

    The compact cooler AlphaCooler is an active personal cooling system. It has been widely used by racing drivers to maintain normal body temperature when racing activities. It works by pumping a chilled fluid through a vest lined with a network of tubing, and using a circulating chilled liquid as the cooling medium. Metabolic heat is transferred to the circulating liquid, which is pumped back to a cooling unit where the heat is rejected.


    AlphaCooler is a commercial off-the-shelf product. No Ice. No Hassel. Full Power. It can provide 24/7 continuous cooling in a hot environment.


    It is an active compressor-driven cooling unit. It works safely, rapidly, and efficiently. The coolant fluid is chilled by AlphaCooler, using miniature rotary vapor compression compressor cooling, and re-circulated back to the heat-transfer garment to continuously cool the user.


    AlphaCooler can work with a garment or a cooling vest, by providing circulating fluid, e.g. chilled water or glycol mixture, and require a dc power source. The temperature of the liquid for the vapor compression system can be controlled by the user by varying the speed of the compressor.


    RIGID patented AlphaCooler is able to run on battery, DC power, car power, solar, or an electrical outlet. The advances of this compact cooler are ultra-compact size, lightest weight, and outstanding power, which greatly enhance their portability.


    Outstanding Cooling Performance


    Mini Footprint with Removable Handle


    A Life and Cost-Saving Solution

    No Ice

    Water & Glycol Circulatory Cooling

    No Hassel

    Water & Glycol Circulatory Cooling

    No Tricky

    Water & Glycol Circulatory Cooling

  • The “Core” Power Emitting the Charm of Science and Technology

    AlphaCooler provides consistent, high-level cooling for the duration of use. Plus, it can be taken anywhere you want because of its minimal size. In the past, they were frequently not usable by first responders since they required the user to be tethered to a stationary source of either chilled liquid or forced air.


    Now RIGID has successfully developed this active compact cooler after 5 years of research and development. Technological advances have allowed these systems to become portable and light enough for spot workers and drivers to use.


    AlphaCooler now are widely used by racing drivers, spot workers, first responders, including firefighters, police officers, workers in hot environments, and explosive ordinance disposal personnel when they are exposed to elevated temperatures.


    By using advanced miniature vapor compression technology, AlphaCooler has allowed meeting the size and weight requirements for a man-portable system. The digital controller provides temperature adjustable and allows a comfortable range of temperatures to support varying performance conditions. maintains the circulating liquid at the desired temperature by varying the speed of the compressor. AlphaCooler weighs as little as 13 pounds and provides a substantial amount of cooling capacity for a sustained period of time.


    AlphaCooler is proven the best cooling solution, creating maximum efficiency with minimal power requirements.

    Substantial discounts are available for government, military, and large-volume purchases.

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