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    Today, many engineers face the challenge of compact and precise thermal management. A traditional scroll compressor is too big and doesn't work for small appliances and personal use. In the small and portable cooling industry, there are no logical bits and bytes, nor industry qualification standards.


    AlphaCooler is RIGID 2 years of breakthrough research and invention fruit. It has a noise level of 40 dB(A) at a high flow rate, which our customers are quite satisfied with. More importantly, there is no more ice and no time limits. It works continuously 24/7. It takes only 6 minutes to chill 250ml of 26C deg water to 4C deg. Now it has been released to the market for further development and commercialization. They have also been featured in trade magazines.


    For the past 10 years, Rigid Technology has stood for the highest level of performance, quality, safety, and innovation. We have built an extensive knowledge base in compact and portable thermal management, enabling us to provide complete solutions to our customers. In addition to standard small cooling units, RIGID accepts custom orders and OEM production.


    If your application requires a change in physical dimensions, temperature requirements, etc., RIGID specializes in the volume production of cooling systems tailored to your application. Feel free to contact ann@rigidhvac.com with your requirements, we will get back to you within 12 hours.

    * Substantial discounts are available for government, military, and large-volume purchases.

  • AlphaCooler - Make You 20 Degrees Cooler

    The AlphaCooler provides a state-of-the-art water-cooling solution specifically designed for the extreme heat found in high-performance racing, body cooling, and other laboratory instrument and equipment scenarios. This advanced technology operates without the use of ice, providing a portable, hassle-free, and lightweight liquid cooling solution.


    AlphaCooler is the smallest, lightest, and most energy-efficient liquid cooler of its kind. It is a cool new product that makes you 20 degrees cooler. It is specially used to increase personal effectiveness in hot weather conditions or while using protective equipment, markets include hospitals, medical, military, firefighters, outdoor workers, 1st responders, racing, and so on.


    Typical Compact Cooler AlphaCooler Applications:

    • Hospital
    • Firefighters
    • Racing & Driver
    • Laser Cooling
    • Electronics Cooling
    • Personal Cooling
    • Medical Devices
    • Thermal Regulation
    • Athletes Post Recovery
    • Laboratory Equipment
    • Centrifuge Processing
    • Body Treatment / Patient Cooling

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    First Responders

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    Outdoor Workers

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    Racing Cooling

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  • AlphaCooler - Creating Maximum Efficiency With Minimal Power Requirement

    The compact AlphaCooler works by pumping chilled fluid through a heat transfer garment lined with a network of tubes, typically made of polyvinyl chloride. Metabolic heat is transferred to the circulating fluid, which is pumped back to a cooling unit where the heat is dissipated. Since conduction is the primary mode of heat transfer in this type of system, the PCS garment should fit snugly to increase the skin-to-tubing contact area.


    The cooling fluid is cooled in the cooling unit using a more powerful vapor compression system (7 times more cooling capacity than thermoelectric cooling) and recirculated back to the heat transfer garment to continuously cool the user. The cooling unit must be located outside of the user's garment as the heat must be dissipated to the environment. The temperature of the liquid for the vapor compression system can be controlled by the user by varying the speed of the compressor.


    AlphaCooler is capable of running on battery, DC, car power, solar, or an electrical outlet. AlphaCooler is capable of maintaining the core body within +/- 14C deg for as long as desired.


    Outstanding Cooling Performance


    Mini Footprint with Removable Handle


    A Life and Cost-Saving Solution

    No Ice

    Water & Glycol Circulatory Cooling

    No Hassel

    Water & Glycol Circulatory Cooling

    No Tricky

    Water & Glycol Circulatory Cooling

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    Hot-swappable enabling transfer from vehicle to vehicle within seconds.

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    Allow superior customized services and support plug-in developments.

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    Performance stability and reliability allow precise temperature control.

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    As diminish in size and increase in portability, take it anywhere as you wish.

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    Touchscreen is nice with 5 temp. settings, away from grime and spilled drinks.

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    No Maintenance. No Ice. No Hassle.
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    AlphaCooler provides outstanding water cooling for the duration of use. In addition, its small size allows it to be taken anywhere. In the past, they were often not usable by racing drivers they required the user to be tethered to a stationary source of ice-water mixture.


    After 5 years of research and development, RIGID has successfully developed this active water cooler. The

    AlphaCooler is portable and lightweight enough for field workers and drivers to use.

    * The racing cooler provides 24/7 continuous cooling

    in a hot environment.