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How to Keep Your Body Cool

AlphaCooler - It might be the most power & smallest footprint cooler

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AlphaCooler - It might be the most power & smallest footprint cooler

If you are living in a climate where summer days can get pretty hot, or working in high-temperature conditions, you’ve thought about personal cooling solutions. After years of research, RIGID has released a revolutionary product that can keep your body cool at all times.

In this article, we will take a look at how AlphaCooler works. It is a liquid chiller solution designed for core cooling. Here is what you should know about its working process, benefits, and applications!

How Does AlphaCooler Work?
AlphaCooler for driver body cooling

AlphaCooler is a light-and-lively mini liquid cooling system. Less Weight. More Power. Minimal footprint with extraordinary cooling capacity. This compact cooler is a commercial off-the-shelf product.

You might have seen an industrial liquid chilling solution. These devices are often large and take a lot of space. It was hard to imagine that they could be used on a personal scale until RIGID designed compact liquid cooler - AlphaCooler.

A mobile cooling solution involves wearing a garment equipped with all the required tubing to cool you down. The garment that you are wearing is light, and tubing is of high-quality. The material used is polyvinyl chloride, and it is used to transfer heat to a cooling unit.


The cooling solution that the system uses is a mixture of water and glycol. The liquid gets cooled down in the chiller and returns through the tubes to your body. The contact between your skin and the tubing is what secures the cooling. That is why it is beneficial to have the garment as closely and tightly fit to your body as possible.

Users can pick between five temperature settings. The control panel for adjusting them is situated inside your clothes. That means it is away from any environmental factors that could damage it, such as spilled drinks or dust.

The liquid cooler can use various power sources to work. You can use a classic DC power outlet to energize it, as well as batteries, cars, and even solar power sources. All this makes the device portable, which means you can take it anywhere you go.

Benefits of AlphaCooler Liquid Cooler System

Why do you need a personal liquid chiller? We thought hard, and these are some of the benefits that you receive by using a cooling solution:

  1. Effective cooling – depending on the solution selected, a liquid chiller can make you up to 20 degrees cooler. Testing results showed that AlphaCooler could cool down 26-degree water to only four degrees in only six minutes.
  2. Precise thermal management – there is no worrying about being hot or getting too cold. Personal chillers come with five temperature adjustments. Depending on the conditions you are in, you can adjust the effect to suit your needs.
  3. Easy to control – you adjust the settings by using a touchpad that’s hidden from sight.
  4. Non-burdening to wear – a personal cooling system requires wearing a clothing item holding the tubing required to cool down your body temperature. However, there is no need to worry that it will be a hassle to wear it. The materials used are carefully chosen to make the entire system light. That means you can move around freely while wearing the suit, and it won’t be a hassle even if you have to wear it the entire day.
  5. A wide range of applications – as long as you can think of a use for a personal cooling system, then chances are you can use a liquid chiller to cool down your body.
  6. No ice, no-hassle – instead of ice, the system utilizes a combination of water and glycol for circulatory cooling.
  7. Extremely portable and reliable – the unit goes wherever you go. It can work around the clock due to the various power sources you can use. The system also provides consistent performance as long as you use it.
  8. A low noise level – the system remains within 40dB(A) noise range. The experts describe it as a peaceful area for human senses.
Personal cooling system - AlphaCooler
Personal cooling system with cooling blanket
Application Examples

Here are some examples of how you can use a liquid cooling system - AlphaCooler:

  1. First responders – firefighters and other first responders could use an effective cooler to keep their body temperature optimal during emergencies.
  2. Military – those that are a part of the military often need to spend time in extreme heat, and that’s why they could use a personal cooling system.
  3. Athletes – professionals and enthusiasts ambitious about their bodies need to train regularly. Hot summer days aren’t an exception, and a liquid cooler can help to maintain optimal body temp when needed.

Here is a list of some other most frequent applications of a liquid cooling system.

Racing Driver

Did you know that drivers participating in automobile races put in an extensive physical effort during each competition? That is especially true for professionals, and particularly during the time of the races.

A racing event could last for an entire day. You have the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, which is among the most famous in the industry. A typical formula one race lasts for a couple of hours, but drivers lose liters of fluid and up to six pounds during it!

Every driver needs to be ready to give their best during a race. Apart from preparing their vehicle, they need to dress appropriately. A racing suit doesn’t only make drivers look attractive. It also features an ergonomic design for ultimate comfort. That is because the driver needs to move his hands and legs effortlessly.

The manufacturers use breathable materials when designing racing suits. And while that can help to a certain extent, it’s not of great assistance after the race starts. Numerous drivers are probably on the race track, and each racer needs to move quickly to avoid potential collisions. Additionally, the courses are usually demanding, which puts the challenge of choosing the best path for the vehicle.

All this takes the excitement levels up, which increases the body heat. Now, imagine that it is also hot outside. If it is over 100F, it can get extremely hot in any vehicle. That is when even regular drivers could look for a body cooling solution that will be more effective than the AC system in your car.

Either way, if a racing driver wants to keep the maximum focus on the race, it is essential that no other things are disrupting them. That means the body temperature has to be maintained at an optimal level. It is not only about cooling because it is easy to go too far and start being cold. All that affects the state of mind, and you cannot afford it in races where every moment matters. Each second is crucial and can be the difference between a win and a loss.

That is why you don’t want to waste that second on thinking about body cooling. AlphaCooler is capable of keeping your body temperature at an optimal level for as long as needed. Thanks to various available power sources, it will be easy to keep the cooler running for hours, and even days if necessary.

Personal cooling system for body chilled

Outdoor Worker

The most demanding outdoor job is probably being a construction worker. It doesn’t matter if you are a builder or another type of contractor, if your job requires spending hours in the sun, you have to consider protecting yourself against the heat.

Now, a sunscreen will ensure that the UV rays don’t cause any extraordinary damage to your skin. But what about the heat that you will feel while spending time outside? It can be more than 100 degrees outside, but you still have to wear your safety vest to let others know you are a part of the construction crew. The company you work for might require you to wear a uniform with their logo, too.

Even more important than your clothes, you will be investing physical strength into doing the job. That can cause a lot of sweating and increase your body temperature. On particularly hot days, dehydration could be a real threat to all those spending hours outside.

What if we tell you that there is a way to maintain your body temperature, and don’t worry about the heat? RIGID spent years designing the AlphaCooler, and it is great that the company finally presented it to the public.

The cooler can adjust the temperature by +/- 14 degrees, which means there is plenty of room to ensure you won’t feel the extreme heat outside. The cooler is light since it uses premium materials for the chilled fluid tubing. That means you can wear the garment the entire day without it being heavy.

Personal cooling system for outdoor worker body cooling

Medical Device

Technology has brought innovation to the medical industry. Thanks to the new technologic discoveries, medical experts can improve their patient care, optimize treatments, and enhance their success rate. Some manufacturers have already started working on medical devices that regulate the patient’s body temperature.

These products involve using a cooling system that gets attached to the patient’s body. That way, the device can reduce the user’s body temperature to an optimal level, and maintain it for as long as necessary.

That is critical because it is about precise temperature management. For some patients, thermal regulation is crucial. And while they can take medications and other treatments to reduce the body temperature, that doesn’t prevent the body heat from going up and down.

The main advantage of systems like AlphaCooler is that they enable a highly-precise method of maintaining the temperature at the desired level. The entire product is fairly lightweight, and it shouldn’t be any burden on the patient.

It is worth noting that AlphaCooler takes only six minutes to chill down the 26C water to 4C. That means the cooling system is very effective and can cool down the patient’s temperature quickly.

Although it doesn’t have a direct connection with body cooling, it is vital to mention that liquid coolers have other applications in the medical industry.

Laboratories frequently use these coolers to maintain a cool temperature required to store sensitive chemicals. These systems come in handy when a temp increase could harm the substance or destroy it. By using a cooling plate or a similar solution, the compound always remains at an adequate temperature level.

Personal cooling system for body chilled and medical device cooling


Motorcycle riders are similar to racing drivers when it comes to their cooling requirements. The difference is that there is less space available to store a liquid cooler, which is why they are looking for a highly-compact system.

Apart from professionals, you will find many motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the world—people like taking out their bikes and going on long-distance journeys. Many enthusiasts also like to test their motorcycle skills. That is why they head off-road or to specially designed tracks with obstacles.

All this requires a huge body effort. If you are riding the motorcycle the entire day during summertime, then the chances are that you will encounter at least several hours when the sun will be bothering you. It’s not only about the sunlight going directly into your eyes, but also the heat that causes your body temperature to rise.

Since you need to spend hours riding the motorbike, it is only natural to look for a solution to keep your body cool. A liquid cooling system attached to your body, and delivered as a garment is a groundbreaking solution. It will maintain the desired temperature throughout the day, and you can adjust the settings as necessary.

For example, you can keep the settings at a low level until you achieve the motorcycle course. Once you do, and you start off-road driving and handling obstacles, you might be under greater physical stress. Nothing to worry about because all you need to do is increase the settings on your liquid chiller. The next adjustment level will make sure you remain cool despite the greater physical stress on the track.

Personal cooling system for driver cooling
AlphaCooler - Designed for Core Cooling

AlphaCooler is a unique liquid cooling system designed for personal use. It can keep your body cool in various situations. We only named several application examples in this article.

If you have an idea of how to use a personal cooling system, do not hesitate to contact us. We have years of experience in the industry, and it is capable of customizing the product to meet your specific needs.

Send us a message today to learn more about the product and discuss your requirements!

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