• Miniature Cooling System for Outdoor Work

    AlphaCooler is your best Choice

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    For Forklift Trucks Operator

    Struggling to work for hours under extreme hot temperature? Is operating forklift trucks for hours under scorching Sun affecting your health and productivity?

    If yes, then it’s time to put an end to all these issues! Introducing our breakthrough product – AlphaCooler!! A mini cooling solution for those who work in a hot and humid working environment

  • AlphaCooler- Revolutionary Miniature DC Compressor System

    Often while working in a hot climate, you might have felt the need for a cooling system that keeps you cool all the time. This was too good to be true until RIGID finally came up with AlphaCooler that can actually keep labors, drivers, and other workers who work outside in extreme hot conditions.

    AlphaCooler is one of its kind mini cooling system that is light and compact. Its ability to generate more power and work continuously, all day long makes it distinguishable from the existing DC compressors.

    Hot Temperature - A Major Concern for Outdoor Workers Universally!

    Over the years, the world has experienced a swift rise in various climatic concerns. Talking of which, global warming is a big concern. It has been bringing frequent heat waves, causing severe health issues like heat stress for the population, such as forklift drivers, construction workers, etc. Further, excessive heat stress has some serious impact on the physiological responses of these workers. Working in hot climatic conditions puts them at a higher risk of fatalities, occupational injuries, and low productivity.

    Outside workers are specifically affected by heat stress - the production of excessive body heat by physically demanding tasks under hot and humid working conditions bring thermal discomfort or heat injury.

    To exterminate such concerns, RIGID, after its years of research, successfully developed this active compact cooler to be used by workers under hot environment and elevated temperature.

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    You could have 12V or 24V, and the cooling vest for outdoor workers

  • Why AlphaCooler?

    AlphaCooler is a proven cooling solution to be used for outside work for its spectacular features

    Exceptionally Compact in Size


    AlphaCooler is different than the traditional compressors, which were giant in size and bulky. Instead, this mini cooling system weighs as little as 13 pounds making it amazingly portable. This product uses advanced miniature vapor compression technology, making it an exceptional man-portable system. This means, no matter where you go, you can take it anywhere you want. Further, it doesn’t occupy much space. Hence, you can keep it anywhere in your truck or driver cabin.

    Outstanding Performance with Zero Maintenance

    AlphaCooler offers 24/7 consistent high-level cooling in a hot environment. It is able to run on battery, DC power, car power, solar, or an electrical outlet. Of course, the compact cooler doesn’t stay frozen continually. But they will be a welcome relief while you’re wearing the vest. If you have access to a freezer, you can always drop it back in to get its chill back. Hence, you don’t need to keep it cool by adding ice after every 3-4 hours.

    Cost-Saving Solution

    Now you don’t need to invest a lot of your hard-earned money to stay cool in hot temperatures. You can buy AlphaCooler at the most competitive price in the market. You get all-in-one advantages of a mini DC compressor at a very cost-effective price. The prices vary based on the DC power unit you choose. However, you will find each of them genuinely affordable.

    Auto-Cooling with Water & Glycol Circulatory

    AlphaCooler is able to work with a cooling vest or garment by offering circulating fluid - chilled water and glycol mixture. The user can control the temperature of the liquid for the vapor compression system by varying the speed of the compressor.

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    Make working conditions cool and favorable for your workers with AlphaCooler.

    Get substantial discounts for government and bulk purchases.

    More Requirement ?

    AlphaCooler is the newest, smallest, lightest, and most energy-efficient liquid cooler system today.

    By cooling you to 20 degrees, it is able to increase personal effectiveness in hot weather conditions making you more productive and comfortable at work.

  • Requently Asked Questions

    How Does AlphaCooler Help During Outside Work?

    This remarkable body cooling system provides users with high-quality and effective personal cooling. It does it by circulating cool water continuously throughout the vest lined with a network of tubing. It also transfers metabolic heat to the circulating liquid, which is pumped back to a cooling unit where the heat is rejected. This is how AlphaCooler makes it easier for the workers to stay calm and cool in heated situations.

    How can I deal with condensate water?

    Every unit comes with a drain for condensate water for you to collect it via a tube to a condense collection tank.

    Can I order one unit? What is the mode of delivery?

    Yes, you can order a single unit for USD90 shipping.