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The Best Cooler For Racing Driver Cooling

Compact, Light, Rugged 12V Liquid Cooler for Body Cooling
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Professional racers are under a lot of tension and stress, especially when a race lasts for a long time. One of the problems is the body heat that tends to increase as time behind the wheel passes.

You don’t even need to be a professional to experience heat issues while driving. Motorcycle riders encounter these issues at demanding off-road surfaces, or during long journeys on warm days.

The solution lies in finding a racing cooler for driver body cooling. These small cooling units are specifically designed for personal cooling and local cooling. That means they focus on keeping the driver cool despite environmental and other conditions.

RIGID Technology has developed unparalleled compact thermal management products based on patented miniature refrigeration technology.

Today, the latest developed 12V Compact Cooler, is the best solution for racing driver body cooling, as well as human body coolings. The Compact Cooler LC1910E-PRO is an impressively compact and light cooling system that manages to deliver consistent and admirable performance.

Before we continue, here is a quick overview of why RIGID 12V Liquid Cooler is more popular among professionals and recreative drivers:

  1. Lightest and Compact
  2. Meets Industrial Standards
  3. It can run on 12V & 24V & 110V power
  4. Rugged design especially for very harsh environment

As you can see, RIGID compact cooler LC1910E-PRO designed by RIGID take the performance of personal units to an entirely new level. That is why they are an excellent fit for motor racing. Keep reading to learn a bit more about these liquid chillers.

Dedication to Innovation

RIGID has always been looking for innovative and unique compact cooling solutions to ensure breakthroughs in the refrigeration industry.

It is interesting to note that the company is the first who designed miniature BLDC rotary compressors in China. That hot them the attention of the public in this country, but also around the world.